What is HackTricks?

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HackTricks, India’s Biggest Ethical Hacking Competition.

HackTricks is India’s biggest ethical hacker hunt. In association with Techfest 2014 IIT Bombay, Wegilant brings to you HackTricks for the second time.

HackTricks is not just a competition, but a learning experience for those interested in the finer aspects of IT Security. As a part of HackTricks, we conduct zonal rounds all over India.
Each zonal round includes one training session on “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security”, followed by a hacking competition. Zonal winners receive a certificate of merit from Techfest 2014 IIT Bombay in association with Wegilant along with which we have cash prize and gift offers.

Some of the topics covered under the 2-day training session include:

  • Basics of Internet, Networking & Hacking
  • Information gathering & Google hacks [Practical]
  • Sniffing & Packet Analysis [Practical]
  • Windows Security [Practical]
  • SQL Injection Attacks [Practical]
  • Man-In-The-Middle Attacks [Practical]
  • Cross-site scripting attack [Practical]
  • Phishing, Trojan & Viruses [Practical]
  • Session hijacking & Cookie grabbing [Practical]
  • Social Engineering [Practical]
  • Backdoors & Upload Box Attacks [Practical]
  • Secure Web Development [Practical]
  • Cyber Crime Act of India and much more. [Practical]

HackTricks zonal rounds are organized in your college, and conducted by Wegilant in association with Techfest IIT Bombay. Want to organize a zonal round in your college? Here is what we require:

1. Co-operation and support for participation of at least 150 Students.

2. Seminar hall/classroom having the enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for at least 150 participants. Good Quality public address system, ideally two cordless mikes will be required. Projector/ Screen along with black/white board for teaching and presentation purposes.

3. One small stereo jack cord to connect in laptop for its sound system.

4. One unrestricted (without proxy) fast internet connection for faculty.

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